Long O sound

It has 217 regular spellings as in ‘nose’ and ‘no‘,  but because it also has 161 exceptions,
like ‘coal, roll, bowl‘ and ‘slow, toe, though‘, its regular pattern is severely diluted, and                     27 words with o-e for the short U-sound (e.g. come) complicate matters still further

alcove alone  antelope  appropriate arose  associated  bone    bony  bulldoze  chose chosen chrome close  clothes clover code commotion  component composer cone cope cove creosote cyclone  devoted diploma  disposal  docile  dome  dose  dote  doze  drone  drove elope  enclose envelope episode  explosive exposure froze  frozen gnome  grocer grope  heroic holy home hope hose hotel  imposed Joseph jovial kimono local  located  lone  lotion  microscope  mobile  mode  moment  motel motive noble  nobody  node nomad  nose  notable notice November oboe ocean  October omen opal open opponent oval over periscope  phone poem poet poetry pony pope pose postpone potion primrose proboscis  proceeds  process programme  proposal  protest pullover quota  rhizome robe rode Roman  rope  rose  rove  scope slogan slope  sober sociable social soda sofa solar  stone strode suppose  telephone telescope  those throne tone total  trombone  utopia  utopian vocalist wardrobe  wove yodel  zodiac  zone

broke broken choke joke poke smoke spoke spoken stoke stroke token woke yoke
cloak croak oak  soak

note promote  quote remote vote wrote
afloat  boat    coat  gloat    goat    oats stoat  throat

dole hole mole molar pole polar role sole stole stolen whole casserole rissole tadpole
knoll  poll  roll scroll  stroll swollen toll troll  wholly                 control  enrol  patrol
coal foal goal shoal
bold cold fold gold hold holster old scold sold solder soldier  told bolt colt dolt jolt revolt         folk yolk
soul  mould   moult   shoulder   smoulder

boast coast roast toast –  host   most   post postal poster
coach   coax    foam    groan    load    loaf    loan    loathe   moan  oaf oath poach road  roam    soap  toad  approach cockroach
sewn  brooch   goes   gross  mauve     both   sloth only
blown    bowl    grown  growth   known  mown  own rowan   shown  sown  thrown

O-e sound in endings
blow bow* crow flow glow grow know low mow row* show slow snow sow* stow throw tow                                                                       * with two different pronunciations
doe floe foe hoe oboe roe sloe toe woe
dough though   oh    owe   sew 
fro go no pro so
agalbino   also armadillo banjo bingo buffalo cargo cello disco domino duo dynamo echo ego Eskimo flamingo halo hello herjudo kimono ludmotto piano piccolo Pluto polo potato pseudo radio ratio solo sopranstudio tango tobacco tomato tornado torpedo trio video volcanzero
arrow   barrow   bellow below   billow bungalow burrow elbow fellow follow gallows hollow marrow narrow pillow shadow shallow swallow sorrow sparrow tomorrow wallow widow willow window yellow     cocoa depot   pharaoh

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